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Skal Hawaii has partnered with Reyn Spooner, the manufacturer of one of the finest Hawai‘i clothing and accessory products.

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The famous Spooner "Kloth", introduced in 1964 is breathable but yet a wrinkle free blend of cotton and spun poly. With their unique screen-printing process, Spooner "Kloth"  allows for the perfect ink penetration for that recognizable, Reyn Spooner reverse-print look. As the ink penetrates the fibers, it also adds a little more structure to the fabric. Hence, a darker print can feel a bit more starchy at first. But the pigment fibers loosen with each wash so it  becomes softer and softer over time while maintaining its shape. You can sit on an airplane for 12 hours and still walk off the plane with a fresh-looking shirt that stands out in the crowd.

The Skal fabrics are offered in two colors;

Seafoam GREEN and Medieval BLUE (see examples below)

Seafoam Green

Medieval Blue

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